Car Accident Lawyer in Lorain, Ohio

Car Accident

Lorain, Ohio Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a family member are seeking a Lorain, Ohio injury lawyer to help with a car accident or other personal injury claim, you’ve come to the right place.  Having a lawyer can mean the difference between receiving no money or maximum compensation for things like the damage to your car, emergency room and doctor bills, physical therapy and chiropractic costs, as well as pain and suffering.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

In addition to being in pain, after a traffic crash many people feel confused, anxious, and upset.  We offer a free consultation to answer questions you may have such as:

  • Who will pay my medical bills?
  • Should I talk to the insurance adjuster?
  • How should I go about fixing (or replacing) my car?
  • How will I get reimbursed for my time off work?
  • Should I sign papers from the insurance company?

Our goal is to help you focus on what is most important – recovering from your injuries and regaining your health.  We do this by:

  • Handling all correspondence with the insurance company so they stop calling you,
  • Putting you in touch with doctors and surgeons who specialize in car accident injuries,
  • Ordering all medical records and bills related to your accident injuries,
  • Finding out how the accident impacted your life, your work, and your family and putting together an Impact Statement,
  • Putting together a Demand Package of bills, records, lost wage statement, crash report, and Impact Statement,
  • Sending this Demand Package to the at-fault party’s insurance company and demanding that they provide compensation for settlement, and
  • Negotiating a fair settlement on your behalf.

Many of our clients have battled head, neck and back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, fractured arms and legs, torn ligaments, and facial and body contusions, among others. Don’t let medical bills from your injuries pile up. We can help you get those bills paid by the person who caused the accident – not from your own pocket.

Can I Afford an Attorney?

Yes. You will never pay an attorney fee unless we are able to settle your case or win at trial. Any attorney fee will be paid at the end of the case and paid for out of the settlement money, so you will never have any out-of-pocket costs. There have also been studies showing that hiring an attorney could mean a higher settlement than going about it on your own. According to an Insurance Research Council consumer panel survey of auto accident victims, “Paying for Auto Injuries,” victims who had an attorney received settlements that were 40% higher than victims without an attorney.

How Do I Start the Process?

Contact Dodosh Law Offices, LLC at (440) 298-2344. Or, you can fill out a contact form and Attorney Dodosh will get in touch with you.

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